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Prices for Regional Areas are based on a set cost per day, per presenter. This gives you the flexibility to choose your own times and programs instead of hoping that we bring what you are looking for when you need it.



Fleurieu, Murray and Mallee, Barossa,

Yorke, Mid-North

$600 per presenter minimum charge, per day.


Example: A small school of 60 students, 2 classes, wants:

Lab on Wheels: How Science Works, $200 +GST

Lab on Wheels: Our Active Earth, $200 +GST

Show: Mobile Science Spectacular, 60 students = $240 +GST


Total: $640 +GST


Kangaroo Island, Limestone Coast,

Far North, Eyre and Western

$800 +GST per presenter minimum charge, per day.


Example: area school with 6 middle school classes wants 6 Lab on Wheels workshops. This would normally cost $600 +GST per day, but the total is 2 days @ $800 +GST per day = $1600 +GST, meeting the minimum charge.


Example: are school with 120 R-3's and 150 Yr4-7's wants a Noise Show and a Mobile Science Spectacular show:

Noise show, 120 x $4 = $480 +GST

Spectacular show, 150 x $4 = $600 +GST

Total is $1080 +GST, getting past the minimum charge line.



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