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A 90 minute interactive exploration of forces and pressure. We explore how forces can be exerted, how they affect movement, and some of the achievements of Archimedes, Galileo and Newton. We also give a sneak peek at pressure and challenge a few brave individuals to trust their body to science on our bed of nails.

  • Definition of force
  • Contact forces - pushes and pulls
  • Non-contact forces - magnetism and gravity
  • Inertia and acceleration - the table-cloth trick
  • Friction
  • Inclined planes and acceleration
  • Pulleys and mechanical advantage
  • Newton's Laws
  • Buoyancy and Archimedes
  • Boat building challenge
  • Galileo's cradle
  • Pressure and the bed of nails



  • 90 minutes

Number of Students

  • 60

Year level

  • Yr 2 - 7


Access to water during set-up and clean-up, access to electricity, space for the students to sit and move around.



Australian Curriculum

This program was designed to support:



Year 2

Year 3

Physical Sciences

A push or a pull affects how an object moves or changes shape (ACSSU033)

Heat can be produced in many ways and can move from one object to another (ACSSU049)


Year 4

Year 7


Forces can be exerted by one object on another through direct contact or from a distance (ACSSU076)

Change to an object’s motion is caused by unbalanced forces acting on the object (ACSSU117)

Earth’s gravity pulls objects towards the centre of the Earth (ACSSU118)


This program can also support:


Science as a Human Endeavour:

Nature and Development: Yr 2 (ACSHE034), Yr 3 (ACSHE050), Yr 4 (ACSHE061),

Yr 5 (ACSHE081, ACSHE082), Yr6 (ACSHE098, ACSHE099), Yr 7 (ACSHE119, ACSHE223)

Use and Influence: Yr 3 (ACSHE051), Yr 4 (ACSHE062), Yr 5 (ACSHE083), Yr 6 (ACSHE100)

Yr 7 (ACSHE224)


Primary Connections:

Units: "Push Pull", "Smooth Moves"


(units without a link are listed by AAS as being published through 2011-2012. Check the Primary Connections website for more details.)



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Phone: (08) 8396 2250

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$220 +GST per session


Travel costs may apply:
$25 +GST per hour, first hour free



3 sessions in one full day:

-$10 +GST per session

3 of the same session in one full day:

-$20 +GST per session

3+ full days in 1 week:

extra -$5 +GST per session

Disadvantaged Schools (Category 1- 4):

-$30 +GST per session, no other discounts apply.



An invoice will be delivered on the day after an accurate student count. Payment is due via cash, cheque or bank transfer within 7 days.


Terms and Conditions:

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