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A 90 minute exploration of forces, pressure and some of the strange thoughts people have had about them through the ages. We will cover impact forces, forces applied over a distance, acceleration, movement and inertia, as well as getting a historical overview of the subject and some of the key figures in the development of our understanding of forces. We will also explore free-fall with a ball on a string and a leaky cup, and finish off with surface pressure concepts with a bed of nails and a volunteer.

  • Definition of force
  • Contact and non-contact forces
  • Inertia and the table cloth trick
  • Balanced vs unbalanced
  • Newton's Laws - inertia cart and self steering train
  • Newton's Laws - marble tracks
  • Newton's Laws - Newton's cradle
  • Inclined planes
  • Levers
  • Gravity and free fall
  • Gravity wells, expansion of space
  • Bed of nails


  • 90 minutes

Number of Students

  • 60

Year level

  • Yr 7 - 10
Freefall Hulk


Access to electricity, access to water before and after the show, a large cleared room with space for the students to sit and move around.


Expanding hoberman sphere

Australian Curriculum

This program was designed to support:



Year 7

Year 8

Physical Sciences

Change to an object’s motion is caused by unbalanced forces acting on the object (ACSSU117)

Earth’s gravity pulls objects towards the centre of the Earth (ACSSU118)

Energy appears in different forms including movement (kinetic energy), heat and potential energy, and causes change within systems (ACSSU155)


Year 10



The motion of objects can be described and predicted using the laws of physics (ACSSU229)



This program can also support:


Science as a Human Endeavour:

Nature and Development: Yr 7 (ACSHE119, ACSHE223), Yr 8 ((ACSHE134, ACSHE226),

Yr 9 (ACSHE157), Yr 10 (ACSHE191)


Use and Influence: Yr 7 (ACSHE224), Yr 8 (ACSHE227), Yr 9 (ACSHE160),

Yr 10 (ACSHE194)



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Phone: (08) 8396 2250

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$220 +GST per session

Travel costs may apply:
$25 +GST per hour, first hour free



3 sessions in one full day:

-$10 +GST per session

3 of the same session in one full day:

-$20 +GST per session

3+ full days in 1 week:

extra -$5 +GST per session

Disadvantaged Schools (Category 1- 4):

-$30 +GST per session, no other discounts apply.



An invoice will be delivered on the day after an accurate student count. Payment is due via cash, cheque or bank transfer within 7 days.


Terms and Conditions:

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