MSE school incursions and Covid-19


To ensure a safe environment for students, teachers and our staff we will be committing to the following minimum presentation requirements until the end of Term 3, 2020, (unless there is an official WHO declaration that the current pandemic is over):


Hands-on workshops:

  1. Each workshop session is for max 30 students at a time and the equipment cannot be moved once set up.

  2. We will provide hand sanitiser to students when they start and when they finish the workshop. Any student who does not wish to use the sanitiser cannot take part in the workshop.

  3. Our presenter will need at least 25 minutes between workshops (if more than one) for resetting and sanitising equipment.



1)      Please contact us immediately if your school has put limits in place for gatherings, if this limit differs from the numbers you have already booked with us per session.

2)      To allow for adequate distancing, shows must be held in the school hall/gym or similarly large space.

3)      When volunteers are called for from the audience, the volunteer will be given hand sanitiser to use.


Where these requirements differ from your schools requirements, the more stringent rules will apply.

We have made our own assessment of infection risk regarding our Starlab portable planetarium, and will be cancelling all sessions until the current pandemic has passed. Regardless of any official advice regarding numbers, a small enclosed space with re-circulated air would be an unacceptably high risk of transmission.

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