Interactive Shows

Whole-audience and volunteer participation, curriculum-rich

MSE's interactive shows are built to address the Australian Curriculum and give larger groups of students a science engagement experience without sacrificing learning outcomes. We come to you - No Bus, No Fuss. 


Forget about 'edutainment'
- these interactive presentations are intensive, engaging, challenging and fun curriculum-rich lessons.

Something's probably going to go bang, but we'll all be figuring out how and why.


We bring all of the equipment and materials, as well tables and audio-visual equipment where needed - all you need to supply is a space with access to electricity and water nearby. 


Presentations are broken into 1 hour introductory shows and 90 minute premium shows.

Cost: Shows are $5.00 +GST per student (minimum charge $270 for a 1 hour show, and $300 for a 90 minute show) unless otherwise noted. Cost includes 1 hour return travel time, additional travel fees may apply.


A daily minimum of $450 +GST applies to all bookings.

Within the Adelaide Greater Metropolitan area, discounts may apply for large numbers, full days, or disadvantaged schools.

For regional areas outside of Adelaide Greater Metropolitan and Adelaide Hills, daily minimums apply depending on your region.

For the full pricing/discount schedule, click here. For how to make a booking, click here.


The Science Show

Classic science for younger students

An introductory science show with lots to do, see and hear.

Treat your students to the classic science demonstrations you remember from school and TV, while they learn how science works and what it's for. 

R-3, 60 minutes, any number 

$5.00 +GST/student ($270 min.)

Bright, Noisy, Hot, Wriggly

Light, sound, heat and movement

A science show to introduce younger students to energy.

The show covers four forms of energy (okay, technically heat is work...), and how they work, including reflections, colour, shadows, sound waves and vibrations, and energy changes and transfers

R-3, 60 minutes, any number 

$5.00 +GST/student ($270 min.)

The Big Science Show

What science is and why we need it.

A general-science show with a serious point to make. Includes concepts of energy, pressure, physical and chemical changes, critical thinking, and combustion – lots of loud noises, liquid nitrogen, rockets, and a tornado machine all strung together with a "What science is, how it works and why we need it" narrative.

Yr 3-10, 60 minutes, any number

$5.00 +GST/student ($360 min.)

The Light Fantastic

Light and how it works

An overview of what light is, how to make it and how to make it sit up and beg. Introduce your students to the universe's strangest form of energy and its ultimate speed limit. Explore the reflection and refraction, and diffraction gratings. Find out how colours are made by emission and absorption, what Newton got wrong .

R-10, 60 minutes, any number

$5.00 +GST/student ($270 min.)

The Energy Show

Forms, transfers and transformations

An interactive introduction to energy. Explore conservation of energy, energy transfers and changes, along with an introduction to different forms of energy. Includes at minimum: chemical energy from food, kinetic energy (energy of motion), sound, light, electricity and different forms of potential energy.

For details, try What is Energy? (Yr 3-7) or Energy Transformations (Yr 7-10)

Yr 3-9, 60 minutes, any number

$5.00 +GST/student ($270 min.)

The Forces Show

Pushes, pulls, movement and pressure

An interactive exploration of forces, movement and pressure. On a tour from ancient Greece to Einstein we ask: What is a force? Does water ‘push’? Who is this 'Isaac Newton’ guy and what does he have to do with falling over? We explore how forces can be exerted and how they affect movement, and why a bed of nails shouldn't hurt.

For details, try What are Forces? (Yr 3-7)

Yr 2-9, 60 minutes, any number

$5.00 +GST/student ($270 min.)

The Matter Show

Physical properties and changes

With help from a few litres of liquid nitrogen, a few chemicals and a gas burner we can show how the particle model is used to explain the behaviour of solids, liquids and gases and the changes of state. We will also look at properties of materials under different conditions, and using those properties to separate mixtures.

For details, try What is Matter?

Yr 3-7, 60 minutes, any number

$5.00 +GST/student ($270 min.)

The Chemistry Show

Get a big reaction...

An interactive introduction to chemical reactions with plenty of bangs, flames and special effects. Explore chemistry without sacrificing learning, by getting up close to liquid nitrogen, states of matter, foam, flames, reaction rates and explosions.

For details, try Atoms and Chemistry (Yr 7-10)

Yr 3-10, 60 minutes, any number

$5.00 +GST/student ($270 min.)

The Critical Thinking Show

How to avoid being wrong

A combination of magic tricks and stunning optical and audio illusions that will have your students questioning everything. Help your students develop a healthy critical outlook on unusual claims, how we think and the tricks our own brains can play on us. Explore the claims of 'psychics', learn about unconscious body-language cues, and discover some of the assumptions our brains make about the outside world. See exactly why science, its tools and mode of thought are so valuable.

Yr 5-12, 90 minutes, any number

$4.80 +GST/student ($240 min.)

Body Science

Premium Show for younger students

At look inside. Using anatomical models, demonstrations and the students own bodies we will explore:

  • bones and skeletons

  • joints and movement

  • the digestive system, from chew to poo

  • what those squirmy feelings and tummy aches mean

with lots of opportunities for questions and movement. The content is heavily informed by body-safe principles.

Let us know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see included.

Yr R-3, 60 minutes, any number

$5.00 +GST/student ($270 min.)

Inside Your Body

Premium Show

A fun and interactive tour of the human body and some of the amazing (and disgusting) things it does. Using anatomy models, interactive demonstrations and audience participation we will explore:

  • cells-tissues-organs-systems

  • skeletal system

  • muscle system

  • digestive system

  • respiratory and circulatory systems

  • nervous system


Examples include: try to work as hard as your heart;  follow the journey of your food “from chew

to poo”; explore the five senses – and a few more internal senses you never knew you had! 


Let us know what you'd like to see and we'll make sure it's included.

Yr 3-7, 90 minutes, any number

$5.00 +GST/student ($300 min.)

What is Energy?

Premium Show

The program emphasises the Law of Conservation of Energy and forms, transfers and transformations. We introduce students to different forms of energy and explore some interesting energy conversions.

  • Definition of Energy

  • Stored Energy - air-powered car

  • Transformations and transfers - falling and bouncing

  • Types of collisions

  • Chemical energy - food types, home-made calorimeter

  • Electrical energy - magnetic potential, power stations

  • Heat energy - friction (movement to heat), steel balls (movement to heat), Hero's engine (heat to movement), combustion (chemical to heat to movement, light and sound)

  • Light energy - chemoluminescence, Hodson's light box, spectra and diffraction

  • Sound energy - sound is movement, sounds and cornflour slime

Yr 3-7, 90 minutes, any number

$5.00 +GST/student ($300 min.)

What are Forces?

Premium Show

A 90 minute interactive exploration of forces and pressure. We explore how forces can be exerted, how they affect movement, and some of the achievements of Archimedes, Galileo and Newton. We also give a sneak peek at pressure and challenge a few brave individuals to trust their body to science on our bed of nails.

  • Definition of force

  • Contact forces - pushes
    and pulls

  • Non-contact forces -
    magnetism and gravity

  • Inertia and acceleration -
    the table-cloth trick

  • Friction

  • Inclined planes and

  • Pulleys and mechanical

  • Newton's Laws

  • Buoyancy and Archimedes

  • Boat building challenge

  • Galileo's cradle

  • Pressure and the bed of nails

Yr 3-7, 90 minutes, any number

$5.00 +GST/student ($300 min.)

What is Matter?

Premium Show

The program places a heavy emphasis on the Particle Model of Matter and how it can be used to explain the states of matter, changes of state and physical properties. We also explore mixtures and separation and how the physical properties of a material can affect chemical changes.

  • Definition of Matter and properties

  • Atoms and Elements

  • States of Matter

  • Freezing, melting, evaporation, condensation, sublimation

  • Expansion and contraction

  • Material properties under different conditions

  • Mixtures - colloids, suspensions, aerosols

  • Separating a mixture with seiving and magnets

  • Separating a solution by boiling

  • Combustion and fuel/air mixtures

  • Burning metals

  • Particle size and combustion

Yr 3-7, 90 minutes, any number

$5.00 +GST/student ($300 min.)

The Starlab Experience

Immersive Portable Planetarium

Experience the night sky in beautiful glowing detail inside our Starlab portable planetarium. The projector features the amazing fibre-arc system starfield, so the stars accurately show relative brightness and colour in pin-point details. Learn:

  • how to find south with the stars

  • common constellations

  • ancient stories

  • star colours and temperatures

  • what stars actually are

  • where atoms come from

The starlab requires a large ground-floor indoor space, a minimum of 8m x 8m wide with a 4m high ceiling and access to electricity. A school hall or gym would be perfect.

Yr 3-10, 45 minutes, 30 students.

$150 +GST, minimum 3 sessions

The Universe

Premium program:

From gas to galaxies

This 90 minute program is split into a 60 minute content-intensive show and a 30 minutes in a Starlab mobile planetarium. Explore the value of critical thinking, a counter intuitive understanding of gravity, Einstein's relativity theories and a gravity well model, the key figures and ideas in the development of the Big Bang theory, and stellar evolution in this engaging interactive presentation.

Yr 7-10, 90 minutes, 30 students.

$300 +GST

Atoms and Chemistry

Premium program:

Atoms, elements and reactions

An introduction to the world of elements, molecules and chemical reactions. We will explore:

  • the particle model of matter

  • subatomic particles and structure of the atom

  • elements and the periodic table

  • spectroscopy and electron shells

  • Rutherford's discovery of the nucleus (using a rapid-fire Nerf ™ gun...)

  • chemical vs physical change

  • compound vs element

  • changing reaction rates

  • combustion.

Using models and interactive chemical reaction demonstrations, this program could be used to kick start your chemistry unit (and give you something to refer back to for the rest of the unit) or to round it off with a combination of review, revision and reward.

Yr 7-10, 90 minutes, any number

$5.00 +GST/student ($300 min.)

Energy Transformations

Premium program:

Transfer, transform and conserve

An exploration of the concepts of conservation of energy and energy transfers and changes, along with an introduction to different forms of energy. Includes at minimum:

  • chemical energy from food,

  • kinetic energy and forms of potential energy.

  • explore energy transformations including light, heat, chemical, electrical and sound and see how different forms of energy can be transferred from object to object and place to place.


Experience a bowling ball being swung at your head, and visualise sound waves with our Reuben's Tube demonstration. This program could be used to kick start an energy unit (and give you something to refer back to for the rest of the unit) or to round it off with a combination of review, revision and reward.

Yr 7-10, 90 minutes, any number

$5.00 +GST/student ($300 min.)


Pricing and Discount Schedule

MSE STEM@school: Interactive Shows

Greater Metropolitan Adelaide / Adelaide Hills

Price includes 1 hour travel, extra travel is charged at $40 +GST per hour.

Introductory and Premium Shows:  

100+ students in a session - 10% discount.

200+ students in a session - 15% discount.

400+ students in a session - 20% discount.

Full day, 6 sessions, Starlab Experience: 10% discount

Full day, 3 sessions, The Universe: 10% discount

Category 1-4 / AISSA listed disadvantaged schools: 15% discount

Regional Areas: Fleurieu, Murray and Mallee, Barossa, Yorke, Mid-North

Minimum charge of $810 +GST per presenter per day, no further travel costs, no discounts apply
(1 presenter can run 3 sessions/day). 

Regional Areas: Kangaroo Island, Limestone Coast, Far North, Eyre and Western

Minimum charge of $950 +GST per presenter per day, no further travel costs, no discounts apply
(1 presenter can run 3 sessions/day).

For 13 years Mobile Science Education has been the only organisation of its kind to offer significant discounts to disadvantaged schools, despite receiving no government funding or grants.

We would like to be able to offer similar discounts to regional schools, but we can't do that without government support.

If you would like to see regional students get the same opportunities as others, please click here and let the SA Minister for Education know.

How to Make a Booking

Give us a call: 08 8396 2250

Call and speak to one of our team, or leave a message with your name, school and contact details.


Send us an email: 

Let us know your name and contact details, the program/s you're looking for, a few options for dates, your school, number of classes and year level of the students. One of us will be in touch as soon as possible.


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